Serving God's Children in Tanzania, East Africa
Serving God's Children in Tanzania, East Africa

Christmas Greetings from The Lion of Judah Academy

We pray for God’s blessings to be with all The Lion of Judah Academy family, friends and supporters!

Christ has come! Immanuel. Our hope. Our Light. Our Life.

Our Tanzanian friends are celebrating the wondrous blessing of our Lord’s birth, though in different ways than most of us in North America, Canada and Europe.

There has been no shopping frenzy. There are few decorations of the kind we use. No trees laden with ornaments or bright lights. No lavish meals. Instead, Christians are gathering in cities, towns and villages to sing, worship and be instructed in the ways of the Lord. These teaching and worship seminars begin Christmas Day and will continue for two or three days.  They will be attended by large crowds, even in the small villages.

The Lion of Judah Academy is on December break, so most of our students and staff will be celebrating Christmas with family and friends.

Our brothers and sisters in Tanzania, most of whom are living far more like Mary, Joseph and the Shepherds than we can even imagine, celebrate our Savior’s birth with the same joy and hope as we do. Please remember them in your prayers.

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