Serving God's Children in Tanzania, East Africa
Serving God's Children in Tanzania, East Africa

November 2019 — Hope in the Form of Rainy Blessings and Examinations

Rainbow Over Lion of Judah Academy
Rainbow Over Lion of Judah Academy

Many prayers have been offered up for a good season of rains this fall, and they are being answered!  Let God be praised!

Things have been difficult in recent years, and it was certain another failed rainy season would have terrible consequences for the school and the region.  But God has heard the cries, answered the prayers, and life-giving rains have poured forth in abundant quantities over the past several weeks.

So there is much rejoicing and relief.

Also, a different kind of hope and promise:  this is national examination season in Tanzania.  Standard 7 (seventh grade) took their national exams a few weeks ago.  Form four and Form two are taking their exams now, with the form fours just finishing up and the form twos just beginning.  These national exams, and their results, are very important for all the students…but especially for the form four students.

Our students always excel in their exams, but it is a stressful and demanding time.  And, of course, some students struggle more than others.  Please keep them in your prayers


MAY TRIP TO LION OF JUDAH ACADEMY — Hart and Lynn will be spending the month of May at The Lion of Judah Academy.  If you are interested in spending part, or all, of that time with them, please reach out to them through one of the contacts.

Part of the time will be a dental training mission, but you do not need to be part of that team.  In fact, that team is almost filled.  However, there will be LOTS of things going on and ways to contribute!  Individuals, families and church groups are welcome.

It is also possible a second trip might be made in July.  If you’re interested in learning more about that, please contact Hart and Lynn.

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