How you can support The Lion of Judah Academy while doing your holiday shopping!


Ready or not, the holidays are upon us!  That may cause panic…or joy…dread…or excitement.  Or, most likely, all of those simultaneously!  But whether you venture to the malls, or shop from the comfort of your own home, chances are high you will be doing some shopping during the coming month.

We’d like to point out a few ways you can support the students and ministry of The Lion of Judah Academy while you are shopping from your computer or mobile device.

Here are the top three:  #1 — Etsy sites which support The Lion of Judah Academy.  #2 – AmazonSmile.  #3 – Giving Tuesday

Here’s more about each.

#1 – Etsy sites which support The Lion of Judah Academy.

Etsy Lion of Judah Academy
Etsy – Lion of Judah Academy  — Shop for Christmas to support The Lion of Judah Academy! All profits from LionsLair Etsy Shop  will be donated to The Lion of Judah Ministries.  You will be helping a needy child get an education.   This shop is owned and operated by Lynn Inlow, one of the founders of The Lion of Judah Academy.  Profits from all purchases, made any time during the year, go to the school


Find something you like at:  //    — This is Lynn’s retail shop.  During check out, just make a note that you would like the profits to go to The Lion of Judah Academy and she will make sure those donations go to scholarships for students.

#2 – AmazonSmile

Several times a year we receive checks from AmazonSmile.  So far in 2019 they have added up to a couple of student sponsorships!  And they haven’t cost anyone – other than Amazon – a penny!

Where do the contributions come from?  Shoppers like you decide to designate Lion of Judah Ministries as the charity they want to support when they shop at Amazon.  Then Amazon Smile donates .5% of every purchase they make on Amazon to The Lion of Judah…at no extra cost to the shopper.  One-half of one percent may not sound like much…but it really does add up.  And students at LOJA are blessed as a result!

Lion of Judah - AmazonSmile

It is easy to sign up.  Here’s a link explaining how to do it:      Sign up for AmazonSmile

— You’ll need an Amazon account, and you may need your log on credentials

— on steps 3 and 4, you’ll need to search for “Lion of Judah Ministries”; we’re not one of the ‘big guys’ who come up automatically!  When The Lion of Judah Ministries charities come up you may be surprised to see how many there are with similar names!  But we’re easy to spot…look for “Hobe Sound, FL    Incorporated 2003” — that’s us and we should be near the top of the list

Once you’ve signed up, a small portion of each purchase you make will be contributed to LOJA.  And it’s going to add up!

One Important note:  It’s easy to get “AmazonSmile” and regular “Amazon” mixed up because the shopping experience is identical.  For instance, whatever items are in your shopping cart on one will also be in your shopping cart on the other!  They are almost exactly the same.  So it’s very easy to assume you are on AmazonSmile, and the percent of your purchase will go to the school, but in reality you may be on regular Amazon, and it won’t go to the school.  I’ve done it several times!  How can you know?  It’s pretty simple to see once you know where to look!  In the upper left corner is either the “AmazonSmile” or the “Amazon” logo.  Or, in the website address bar, does it start with, “…” or just “amazon”?

On the “how to sign up” link above, they suggest bookmarking “AmazonSmile” — that’s really the easiest and most sure way.


#3 – December 3 – “Giving Tuesday”

Black Friday.  Cyber Monday.  Now “Giving Tuesday” ?

It actually is a ‘real thing.’  It has become one of the biggest charitable giving days in the country.  Maybe even the world.

Lion of Judah Ministries is not going to have a big Giving Tuesday campaign with lots of promotions, hype, etc.  But we will be highlighting a couple of important projects at the school.  So, if you’d like to participate in Giving Tuesday – December 3 – you will see a couple of Facebook and/or email messages, and find some information here at the website.  It’s a great opportunity to support the students and the school

No matter what, or when, you choose to make financial contributions to the school, here are some assurances we can give:

In all of your shopping, remember, Lion of Judah Ministries has one of the lowest ‘administrative costs’ of any charity in the United States.  100% of all contributions given directly to Lion of Judah Ministries goes to the school.  All overhead expenses are paid by contributions designated specifically for that purpose (in other words, the only way any of your contribution will be used for administration and/or fund-raising is if you specifically tell us to use your contribution for those purposes).  We are totally volunteer — no one at Lion of Judah Ministries receives any payment, salary, or even reimbursement for personal expenses.

Do keep in mind that if you give by credit card, PayPal, or something similar, the credit card processors take 2-3% of your contribution, then pass along the rest to the school.  If you send a check the full amount goes directly to the school, for the purpose you designate. Here’s where you can send a check, payable to “Lion of Judah Ministries.”

If you’d like to know more about LOJM fundraising and finances please check the TRANSPARENCY page.


Finally, #4 – Facebook Fundraisers

If you use Facebook you’ve probably seen – and perhaps participated in — Facebook Fund-Raisers.  We are registered with Facebook as a not-for-profit and we have often received help from those fundraisers, as well as other Facebook causes.

They aren’t really ‘holiday’ related…and we don’t want this blog post to get too long…so we’ll post more about that later.  But if you’re interested in hosting a Facebook fund-raiser for the school contact us and we’ll try to help you out.

                                                               HAPPY SHOPPING!!

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