Serving God's Children in Tanzania, East Africa
Serving God's Children in Tanzania, East Africa

Important Update from Lion of Judah

We’ve just received two pieces of important news from The Lion of Judah Academy

First, classes have been allowed to resume at Tanzania schools. So Lion of Judah Academy students are returning to the campus. That’s VERY good news! But it also involves a lot of travel for a large number of our students…some must travel for two and even three days. Additionally, having been out of classes for nearly four months, there will be lots of adjustments for students as well as teachers. And, of course, being together will raise more COVID related risks and concerns.

Lion of Judah Academy hand washing station
Hand Washing Station set up for students near the girls dormitory

Second, Form Six national examinations have started this morning (Monday, June 29), and will continue through this week. These exams are very important to form six students because their results will determine, to a large extent, what opportunities will be available to them to study at the university level. Which disciplines they can pursue, and which schools they can attend, will largely be determined by the results on their national exams.

So…please pray...

Pray for all the students and staff…for their health, safety, return to normalcy and so forth.

Pray also for the Form Six students…that their hearts will be filled with peace as they take the exams…that their minds will be sharp and well-rested…that each one will be able to perform to the best of his or her ability.

And, of course, Lake levels continue to be extremely high bringing a huge variety of challenges. And though the students are returning, COVID related financial challenges will continue at least through the remainder of this school year.

You might be interested to see a couple of videos recently posted to YouTube.

A June Update here

A brief introduction to the school, with some great music from the school choir, here.

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