Serving God's Children in Tanzania, East Africa
Serving God's Children in Tanzania, East Africa

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR STUDENTS — Major National Exams Approaching

Please pray for our Lion of Judah Academy students taking national exams in November.

About 80 Form Two students begin their exams Monday, November 9.  The exams continue through the week.

About 80 Form Four students begin their exams on November 23.  These exams also continue through the week.

Students Studying

In Tanzania, national examinations are an extremely important part of the educational system…far beyond what most U.S. students will ever experience.  They can — and often do — determine a student’s future.  The national exams are taken at regular intervals, and each one is important:

Standard 4 (about 4th grade)

Standard 7 (about 7th grade)

Form 2 (about U.S. high school sophomore)

Form 4 (somewhat equivalent to our high school seniors…and will determine their eligibility for further studies)

Form 6 – good scores are essential for a student wishing to attend university

At each level the national examination is important.  Poor scores can mean the end of a student’s educational opportunities.  Good scores can open new doors filled with hope and promise.  These exams are taken so seriously that for the upper levels, the nation provides special testing locations and security guards to ensure the integrity of the exam process.

Preparing students for their national exams is not only important for the students, it is also very important for a school.  National exam reports are published in newspapers throughout the country.  Everyone judges the quality of a school based largely on the scores its students achieve on their national exams.  A school will never be considered a “top school” unless or until it ranks high on the list.


One of The Lion of Judah Academy’s great strengths for nearly 20 years has been the performance of our students on the national exams at all levels.

We are reminded of that in the recently received results of the Form 6 national exams, taken last May.

All our Form 6 students received Division 1 or 2, except a handful in Division 3 (without going into detailed and complicated explanations, those are VERY good scores)

A student needs high scores to qualify for university level studies – every one of our students easily qualifies

Collectively our Form Six students ranked #2 in our region (a region is roughly equivalent to a U.S. state), and #35 in the entire nation.  That is truly amazing!

So, as you pray for the students taking upcoming examinations, would you also offer praise…

First for the students who worked so hard and achieved such success!

Second for the teachers and staff who prepared them

And most important of all, to our Lord Jesus, the Lion of Judah Himself, who strengthens, empowers and guides the Lion of Judah Academy!


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