Serving God's Children in Tanzania, East Africa
Serving God's Children in Tanzania, East Africa


Please remember to pray for the Form Four students taking their national examinations this week.  For more information about the examination see the previous post — just a couple of weeks ago — on the subject.  These exams are very important.

Praying for Form Four students preparing for their national exams

On Sunday, November 22, the student body had the Form Four students come to the front of the Chapel so all students and staff could pray for them.

These important exams take place throughout the week of November 23 – 27.

Please pray for these students.

Also pray for all the classes and students.  Normally classes would be ending right now for the 2020 term and all students and staff would have a long December break.  This year, due to COVID issues, classes will continue until Friday, December 18.  The break between terms will then only be about 2 and one-half weeks.

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