Serving God's Children in Tanzania, East Africa
Serving God's Children in Tanzania, East Africa


The Lion of Judah Academy (Simba wa Yuda Academy in Swahili) is in Bulima, Tanzania.

The Lion of Judah Ministries, which is closely partnered with The Lion of Judah Academy, has its office in Penney Farms, Florida, USA.

Most of you who are reading this will want to contact The Lion of Judah Ministries.  The personnel there regularly communicate with the leadership of the school in Tanzania, and in most cases are better equipped to answer your questions and assist with your needs.

Here is contact information for both organizations:

The Lion of Judah Ministries in the USA:

Hartford and Lynn Inlow

PO Box 367, Penney Farms, FL  32079


The Lion of Judah Academy in Tanzania:

Josephales Mtebe

Box 268, Magu, Mwanza Region, TANZANIA

PLEASE NOTE:  sending parcels to the school in Tanzania needs to be done in the correct way or heavy customs and import taxes will be charged.  This is true no matter what the contents are.  Anything larger or heavier than a conventional letter can be subject to this.  So before sending anything to the school (including to individual students or teachers) please contact The Lion of Judah Ministries so we can discuss with you the best way to do it.  You may also want to check “Can I Send My Student a Gift?” on our Frequently Asked Questions.

Also Note:  Tuko Pamoja is an organization in Germany which supports and encourages students at The Lion of Judah Academy.  If you contact Lion of Judah Ministries we can help put you in touch with Tuko Pamoja.

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