Primary School Students Living Nearby the School

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About 40 Lion of Judah Academy primary school students (kindergarten through grade 7) live in the area surrounding the school and need the assistance of sponsors.  Those without sponsors appear below.  School fees for these students is $39 a month, or $470 a year (that’s about $1.30 per day!).

Immediately below you can browse through the students.  If you would like the opportunity to search by age, gender or other criteria…or look for a specific student by name…please scroll down to the end of this page where a way is provided to do that.

Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions



Clicking on the link below will take you to a page where you can search through the students by age, gender, or name.

Please Note:   this link actually takes you to the PureCharity website — our partner which helps host the sponsorship programs and processes the payments.  That is a perfectly safe to do.  However, to return to this page you will probably have to click on your browser’s tab for this page  (usually at the top of the browser – look for the tab “Primary School Students Living Nearby the School”).  We apologize for any inconvenience, but we are unable to provide a link from the PureCharity site back to this page.

At the link below you will find a search window where you can search by age, gender, or “Filter by anything” such as name, or “orphan.”  You must then click the “search” button.  Please be aware that looking for a specific student by name can often be a challenge (i.e. spelling, the fact that students have and use many names, etc.).  WE often get confused ourselves!!  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have problems locating a specific student.