Are families required to pay something, even if they are on scholarship?

Yes.  Every family – even the most poor – is expected to contribute something toward the education of their children.

The Board of Trustees of The Lion of Judah Academy considers this an essential principle in operating the school:  all families are required to make some sort of contribution toward the education of their children.

The reasons for this are largely cultural, to help avoid an attitude of dependency and entitlement, and to build a sense of ownership, responsibility and pride.  The school staff works with each family, assessing need and ability, to reach an amount the family is able and expected to contribute.  Often it is only a few dollars…but it is expected.

Of course some are unable to afford any financial contribution.  For years a pastor with carpentry skills has been spending a week each year at the school building furniture.  Some living in the community help with cleaning or other chores.

But everyone is expected to contribute something.