Many of the students have parents who are identified as “Church Workers,” while some others are identified as “National Missionaries.” What does that mean?

Our primary target demographic is the children of Tanzanian church workers, who regularly serve without compensation for their work, and are therefore unable to afford the costs of providing their children a good education.

Most of these church workers are pastors of local congregations who rarely receive any salary.  Others work for church hospitals and dispensaries, while still others work for Bible colleges, or serve in other types of ministry.  Many of these faithful men and women of God are not compensated at all…others may be provided small stipends or infrequent ‘salary.’  We consider all those who are serving God as their primary calling, wherever they serve, to be “church workers.”  All of them need sponsorship in order to afford school fees.  They represent various denominational groups.

“National Missionaries” are a unique sub-group of church workers we identify because these servants of God are serving in particularly challenging situations.  They are serving as missionaries to un-churched Tanzanians, frequently in hostile areas, sometimes in areas where no schools exist.  Most of them have no alternative for education other than LOJA.

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