Serving God's Children in Tanzania, East Africa
Serving God's Children in Tanzania, East Africa


Over one-half of all students who attending Lion of Judah Academy are unable to afford the costs associated with their education.  The vast majority of those are the children of pastors, church workers (in health care centers, Bible training colleges, and other Christian ministries ministries), Bible college students, and others who devote their lives to serving Jesus and His Church.  These are the very people for whom The Lion of Judah Academy was founded in 2001.  Others who cannot afford the costs are orphans, poor villagers in the surrounding area, and committed followers of Christ who long for an opportunity to have their children educated at one of the outstanding schools in the nation.

The Student Sponsorship Program has been established for these wonderful children and their families.  While it is one of the chief sources of student assistance we have, the reality is more that one-half of those in need are not yet sponsored.


Two programs exist

DAY STUDENTS                                 BOARDING STUDENTS

Click the links above to meet Day and Board students in need of your assistance.  Full sponsorships for day students are $480 for one year.  Full sponsorships for boarding students are $960 for one year.  Partial sponsorships are available.