Do all Lion of Judah Academy students receive scholarships?

No.  About 50% of our students are receiving scholarship assistance through the school, provided by sponsorships and other resources.  Families who can afford to pay the full amount for school fees are expected to do so.

While virtually all of the church worker children attending LOJA are on scholarship, approximately one-half of the student body comes from families who are able to afford full fee.  Those families who pay full fee are, in fact, helping to subsidize some of the students who cannot afford the school fees.  LOJA is totally not for profit, so the funds which would be considered “profit” in other private schools are used to provide scholarships for other LOJA students.

If we had sufficient sponsorships to accept only students who need scholarship assistance we would do so…but we simply cannot afford to accept all the church workers’ children who apply to attend LOJA.  Perhaps one day we will be able to!