Serving God's Children in Tanzania, East Africa
Serving God's Children in Tanzania, East Africa

Graduation 2018!

Here’s a report, only mildly edited for clarity, from a participant in the 2018 Graduation Celebration November 3, 2018, at The Lion of Judah Academy


We thank God for the wonderful graduation we had yesterday!

The number of graduates was 44 Standard Seven students, and 87 Form Four students.

The guest speaker was Bishop Philipo Mafuja.  His message described two kinds of life:  one a blessed life, and one a cursed life.   He challenged the graduates to be a blessing wherever they go.

The Guest of Honour was The Simiyu Regional Administrative Secretary.  He congratulated the school for its outstanding academic performance.  He also congratulated Director Mtebe for the fine work he does at the school, in the Church, and in the community.  He promised that the government will continue to work with and support the school in various ways.

The Director’s speech reflected on the school’s progress and he also gave a call to Tanzanians to avoid unfaithfulness in academic programs, and specifically during the national exams.  “Academic unfaithfulness is not healthy for our Nation, I stand with the government to condemn it.”  He gave many thanks to the government, to teachers and to parents for their support of the school.

Many groups and individuals presented songs, poems, science demonstrations and comic skits.  It was an amazing day!

Graduation Photos on Flickr

— Written by Mtesigwa Mtebe, who also took most of the photos in the Graduation album

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