Serving God's Children in Tanzania, East Africa
Serving God's Children in Tanzania, East Africa

Shilikale Family Home Safely!

Since our last post, a couple of days ago, we know several of you have been praying for all of our students to return home safely…and one family in particular — the Shilikales.  I featured a photo of Emma’s Landcruiser stuck in the mud on the way to pick up his kids at school (and privately shared with some of you the memories of times WE were stuck in similar situations while living over there!!)

On Facebook this morning I saw Emma’s report he had gotten out of the mud…arrived at Lion of Judah to pick up the family…and made it safely back home.  He included a MUCH happier photo!  So I want to make sure everyone knows

Shilikale Family safely home again.

Emma — husband and father — is on the left.  Esther — wife and mother — is on the right.  All the kids are between them.  All the children have all been students at Lion of Judah Academy…right now all but Daniel, standing next to his father, currently ARE students at the school.  Emma and Esther are missionaries in a remote and challenging area of Tanzania.  They are taking the Good News about Jesus Christ to people who would never have the opportunity to hear it, were they not making the sacrifices they are making.  The Lion of Judah Academy was established for families just like this one.  It exists so they will have a safe, nurturing and faith-building school where their children are able to receive the best education available while Mom and Dad are giving themselves to the work of the Kingdom of God.

When you support and pray for the work of The Lion of Judah Academy, these are the kinds of people you are supporting.  THANK YOU!

So far as we know all the students are home again.  We will keep you posted about the status of things over there as we receive new information.

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