Serving God's Children in Tanzania, East Africa
Serving God's Children in Tanzania, East Africa


Serious Flooding of Lake Victoria results in big problems at Lion of Judah Academy

Like everyone else in the world, The Lion of Judah Academy in Tanzania was muddling through dealing with the COVID world pandemic…all schools in Tanzania had been ordered closed…many inconveniences and other issues had to be dealt with.  The dental training mission and other trips/teams going to the school had been canceled.  But people were getting by…until something even worse hit.  At least, worse for the people living around Lake Victoria and at The Lion of Judah Academy.

What could be worse?

Excessive rains have resulted in the most severe flooding in memory…at least 60 years.  There has been wide-spread flooding all around the Lake, causing widespread devastation and problems.  The flooding is having serious repercussions on the school:

— the entire water system has been shut down because the pump has been damaged

— several teachers have been forced out of their homes to other locations

— getting safe water has become a huge challenge

These challenges…both COVID and the flooding…are causing our friends in Tanzania serious problems and deep concerns!  And there are many uncertainties:  will the rain continue?  when will the water recede?  What will be left when the water does recede?  When will we be able to get the pump repaired?  What will the costs be?  How will we recover?  And so much more.

Please pray for our friends and fellow-believers at The Lion of Judah Academy…and throughout the region.  Lake Victoria is a huge body of water and people all around it are being affected.

Here is a link to photos, and a couple of brief videos, we have received.  The voice you hear in the videos is school director, Mtebe:      Click for Flood photos and video

Some of you may wish to take action in addition to prayer.  We will keep you informed…there will certainly be many opportunities!

To see a wider perspective of this devastation, which we have not yet seen reported in any U.S. news outlets, simply Google something like, “Flooding Lake Victoria”





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